In a world gone mad..
I recently started a new blog and I'm a lot more serious about it this time.. :) Check it out here: In a world gone mad..
I finally managed to finish a small offline CMS-like thing to update this web-site. I will, however, move these pages to a /archive/ link or something soon and start a new web-site. I probably won't come back to Symbian development.. So I should start with a new web-site, too..
LOOOONG time no update!?
Man, was I busy. I hope to get back into Symbian coding soon. Probably focusing on LUA and Python. Anyway, I'll try to replace this site soon with some Rails-based stuff. Stay tuned. Or better don't.. :)
Site restructured
Sorry for the mess and any dead links. If you find anything broken, I'd appreciate your ! :) I finally implemented my own CMS to handle the changes to this site.
VoxelTest added
Added a new example to the Symbian.Section. It's a primitive Voxel Engine. Pretty messed up inside.. as always.. sorry.. :)
RockDash added
Added a new game example to the Symbian.Section.
Mod.Play.Dll updated
Added an update to the Symbian.Section.
Game.Engine.Dll added
Added the Game.Engine.Dll to the . This framework is used in IntensiBlast.
Java.Section added
New section with Java stuff (mainly J2ME) added.
IntensiMod added
New project started over at the site: IntensiMod.
IntensiBlast updated
I just tested my new skinnable IntensiBlast. Not ready for release, yet.. But already looking c00l.. :) Are you a graphic artist? And are you interested in doing a skin for the c00lest :) Series 60 game ever? :) Please contact me and let's see if we can work something out.
IntensiBlast updated
Major release of IntensiBlast. Multiplayer mode working now for up to four phones. Implemented serveral "diseases" and more.
Symbian.Section updated
Added a few new Symbian projects. Check out the .
RetroBlasterBt added
Retro-fitted the RetroBlaster example from the Forum Nokia site with my Networking.Dll library. Check it out here.
Bluetooth Test Application added
Pre-release of a Bluetooth client/server test application can now be found in the Symbian.Section.
Just a quick note
I am pretty busy right now concentrating on my job. That's why I didn't release too much during the last few weeks - and I won't release too much in the next few weeks, either :-( However, waiting for the SDK to finish compile my projects, always leaves some time for doing other things.. :-) After buggin' me once too often, I finally took the sources for the MakeSIS tool (from the Symbian website) and hacked in processing of folders and fixed that line-number bug (on Win32 only, i guess). Check it out in the Symbian.Section.
Never leave the keyboard
Broke my bike's handle while back-hopping up some stairs at the Alexanderplatz yesterday. Fortunately noone took photos of me lying on the ground :) However, I took some photos of the bike.
ModPlayer updated
Updated the MODPlayer to use the SIDPlay library. This includes an updated release of the MODPlay library. Now Protracker, S3M and XM MODs can be played. Sources not yet available. Sorry..
Sid.Play.Dll added
Added an adapted version of the SIDPlay library.
Symbian.Scripts added
Added some scripts that I use for developing with symbian.
IntensiBlast updated
Yet another update over at the site. IntensiBlast is playing sounds and MODs now :-)
Symbian.Section updated
Added some more new projects in the : Check out the Sound System, the port of the MODPlay library and my newest project, a simple MODPlayer.
File.Explorer added
Put up a new project: A framework for a File.Explorer application. Updated the Essentials DLL.
IntensiBlast updated
IntensiBlast is pretty much working now.
IntensiCode site launched
Got the IntensiCode site up and running. Not much found over there. But maybe you wanna check out IntensiBlast (a Series 60 port of BomberMan). I started this project with a friend. But we are pretty much stuck with the Bluetooth / Multi Player code right now..
Bluetooth GPS Example added
Updated the Bluetooth GPS Example ( ). It is now a complete project and should compile fine..
Essentials.Dll added
Added an initial release of my Essentials DLL in the .
Contacts Example added
Added a simple Contacts.Example in the .
Win32.Socket.Engine added
Updated the Win32 Socket Engine ( ). It is now working asynchronously as it should and I find it quite useful by now :)
BreakOut added
Added a simple Break.Out game demo to the .
Symbian.Section added
Updated the site layout once more. Added the .
Site cleaned up
One month passed so quickly. Didn't have much time to get the site going. Trying to finish it up now.. Removed most elements.. :-)
Site relaunched
New design by dunkelgold.