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Isn't it a good thing being able to transfer your experiences to new areas of interest? Well, it won't work very well if you have no clue what that new thing is all about..

However, I worked on a great deal of platforms and i got me a bunch of experiences with that by now.


Why, or why, do so many fear working on a project? Isn't it just nice to know someone is looking at your work and expecting a result? There is nothing better than working for fun.. except working for a project..


Don't you think relational databases are outdated? Well, I think so. They still have their range of application. But they shouldn't be considered first choice just because they've been around for so long.. Don't get me wrong here. I use them. When appropriate.. And to base a mission-critical, one-million transactions per second system on a Java Object Database might not be the best choice. So..

Well, I'm not a database expert. Don't want to tune the performance of a database by tweaking around with the fields hidden in their system tables.. bah.. I leave that to the crazy guys. I just (ab)use them!


Customers? What's a customers?

OK. I'm sorry. Yes. I did work with customers. Providing consulting (insulting?) services and customizing solutions. What's the deal?


Well, compared to my Java skills I wouldn't say I'm a C or C++ expert. Then again, there's nothing I can't do. Define expert?

I have redesigned and reimplemented a parallel database system for the KSR parallel computer as a part of my jobs at the Univeristy.of.Karlsruhe. I had to use K&R-C at that time. Because I didn't have a KSR at home I ported the POSIX Thread library to my AMIGA. After that I was able to continue developing and testing the system at home. Watching TV.. and not having that awfull air conditioning system of the IPD ruining my health.


Damned. I don't know if I like them or I hate them. I like JBoss. It's cool. And tight. I don't think I like much of the rest.

I worked with some by now. WebSphere, WebLogic, JRun, SilverStream, Tomcat and JBoss.


What is that all about? Don't know anymore. Read the next one.

Language.Specific Expertise

Well, it's obvious. Because I have been coding for nearly 20 years by now I got me some experience with that kind of stuff. Started with BASIC, jumped to Assembler (68k), checked out C and C++ and found Java. Grabbed me some (A)Rexx, Scripting (Bash, JavaScript, PHP, ..) and had some fun with Alpha and MIPS Assembler. The story didn't end by now.


I have never been working on an offical J2EE project. Not for money. Only for fun. What's the fun in J2EE you might ask? Right your are! There's not much of it. Beans stink! However, it's their standard and I know how to cope with it.

And by the way. What the fuck is all this talking about the Pet Store? Who's Pet Store is it, anyway?


Yes! For now, Java is my favourite tool. I use it as the core of most of my systems - as long as I do have a choice, of course.. Putting together the systems with some scripting glue and stuff like that. You know the game. Why do you ask?

However, I'm desperately waiting for the generics. Since the first releases of Espresso - way before Pizza - there wasn't a day I didn't miss generics in Java. (Well, maybe some..)

Respect! to all the herein mentioned TMs. Aiii!