2003Technical Lead (Project HyNet) for Navigon GmbH, Germany
2002 - 2003Freelancer (Project Gimolus3D) for University of Stuttgart (ILPÖ), Germany
2002Software Developer for Wapme Systems AG, Düsseldorf, Germany
2001 - 2002Chief Technology Officer for Vivatech Software Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany
1999 - 2000Software Developer for Vivatech Software GmbH&Co.KG, Karlsruhe, Germany
1996 - 1998Software Developer for University of Karlsruhe, IPD
Design and Implementation of the CargoControl Web Frontend for accessing a Logistics Backend called NetCargo
Extension of the Open Source SMS/WAP-Gateway Kannel with several protocols
Adaption of the Vivatech Weather3D Server for MMS Delivery
Design and Implementation of a 3D Visualization Component for the Gimolus Project
Specification, Design and Implementation of a GIS Database System for
3D Data Processing (based on ESRI ArcSDE Java API)
Specification, Design and Implementation of the Vivatech Weather3D Internet Services based on Vivatech 3D Core Components
Setup and Maintenance of the Vivatech Show Room using JBoss and Apache Servers
Customizing and further Development of the Vivatech Odysseus Service Framework
Reorganisation of the Vivatech Berlin Office
(Networking, Mail, Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Samba, Firewall, Hardware)
Setup and Maintenance of a GIS Database using TeleAtlas and NavTech GIS Data
Development of several Java APIs for accessing GIS Databases
Development of a Line-of-Sight Analysis Tool for Wireless Local Loop
(Vivatech Sight Proof)
Development of a Prototype for an Automatic Ordering System for Catering Machines (OSylON)
Specification and High-Level Design of a Video Wall System based on Simple PC Systems
As.a.Student / As.a.Teen
Development of a Generator System for combining 2D GIS Data and 3D DEM Data into 3D Worlds
Reimplementation of a Parallel Database System for a Parallel Computer (KSR)
Partial port of the POSIX Threads Library to AMIGA OS
Development of several Tools, Games and Demos for the AMIGA