Project Information
This is a non-exhaustive list covering my Areas.of.Expertise


Why start with CVS? Well, it was the first link in the image map..

What can I say about CVS? Maybe that I like Perfore a bit more than CVS? Then again, CVS is for free. Perforce, too, somehow.. anyway..

I wonder if someone is still reading on with this topic? Here comes some nice info for those who do: I'm aware of the fact that using some kind of source code and resource management makes sense. So I use these tools. Working for fun, working on projects, working on open source stuff. And so on..

Now that is some fine piece of information, isn't it?


Been with it for some years now. Worked with the 1.3 and 2.0. I'm not an expert, though.


My favourite application server. I used it stand-alone, with Jetty and with Apache for various projects. Most interesting one: The Vivatech Showroom, in which I build a small scripting framework around JBoss. Using this framework we were able to deploy the Vivatech Weather3D Services to a new customer within minutes. After the design was done, of course.


I had to setup an office infrastructure on my own. Consisting of Windoze and Linux Servers. Configuring Samba was the easy part. The firewall took me some more time. Samba is cool..


The shell of my choice. I started with Tcsh and had a look at Zsh. But Bourne is cool with me.


Damned. I only list Sendmail here because it suxx! I configured a mail server using Sendmail. But that doesn't mean very much. Believe me..

Object.Orientation (OOA / OOD / OOP Yeah, you know me! Or was it OPP?)

Couldn't do without it. The way to be. Still, I do appreciate the elegance of a Huffman encoding written in Gofer.

What I'm trying to say: As always and with everything, knowing when and when not to use a tool is the key to success.


My favourite on this one?

One developere to the other: What is the difference between a database system and a pile of shit.

The other: What do mean with difference?

Not funny? Well, you're right! But that's not the fault of the joke. It's the DBMSs..


Yes! The dark side of the force!

No, honestly. Apart from embedded stuff and other domains where Assembler has to be used it is one of the must fun giving programming languages IMHO. Just like Java, but different.


What can I say about that one?


Those are the smaller ones. I still don't get how they put an Asus board in their new PDA.. It looks so huge in my PC.


Always been a fan of the Internet. And Networking in all the other ways. Started with friends doing BBSs in the old days. That was fun!

Errm. Sorry. From a business point of view the most interesting projects I've done with Networking? Most definitely the ParaStation stuff. I replaced the Java Socket Layer with a special ParaStation Layer. This was to be used for Java Party or something. Long time ago..

Funny, you can still find my questions from that time in the Java Archives using Google. Try searching for Daniel Lukic, yeah, that's me. No, not the soccer guy.. The one with Java.


Check with the DBMS crap above.

Apart from that? I reimplemented a parallel database for a parallel computer in my younger days. Working for the IPD at the University.of.Karlsruhe. I created various Java APIs for the GIS Databases used by the Vivatech Software. I've done the zMRDB Module for the Open-Source WAP/SMS Gateway Kannel. Based on MySQL. It's used for routing. Now that routing a number is not that easy anymore..

Well, databases are everywhere.


JBoss is my favourite..


Those guys are OK-guys. Sometimes I think, however, they are doing a bit too much and some of it not thoroughly enough. I know most of the stuff. Most of the important stuff at least.


I like that. I like the idea of it. And some of the available rudiments. But I think it takes some new ideas to push this topic. However, this is restricted information in my head. You have to pay for that! Hehe..


Forget the rest. UML is the best. Well. It's the chosen one. It's OK. I like it. A big hello to the Three Amigos! Respect! Aiii!


I wrote my master thesis on this topic. Modern software processes. I like the idea. But it's really something for bigger teams in bigger companies. Left to my own devices I get along with a good pile of discipline and experience very well.

Extreme Programming

I don't like this one very much. I like the testing thing. And the peer programming is very appealing. Especially with a girl besides you. But it is too dogmatic and too restrictive in the other areas.

In the end it doesn't really matter.. Left to my own devices I stick to discipline and experience. Taking the best out of everything I know and combining it to something bigger. (Remember the scene with Morpheus and Neo in their fight? Just thought of this one..)


I am still a big fan of the AMIGA. Linux? Well, it's a OK. It's cool for server stuff. But I hate X Windows and the Desktop Crap. They should really have dropped it years ago.

But this one is on Win32. I like it. I don't like M$ very much. XP is cool. But I would not use it without a firewall.

Developing with it is a different story. Honestly, I never really did it. Did some fooling around. But nothing real.


My favourite. What can I possibly say? What would the world be without Java? A cold and dark place..

C / C++

My favourite NOT. Damned. I think I hate this language. I know how to use. And I use it. I used it. And I will use it. But I don't like it.


Check the Win32 topic above.


Whether it's System or Structured, it's OK with me.


Check the DBMS and Database topics above.


That's a funny topic, isn't it? Me providing this page through it and you reading this crap using it. The Internet rulez. The old days were real fun. It's getting a bit too much restricted in some areas nowadays. But hey, that's business! And I can go with that.

Client / Server

A powerful concept. Simple but powerful.


Nice way of talking. But never forget to think about alternatives.


Simple and messed up. I like it.


Cool. I have always been fascinated with 3D Graphics. But I'm not a graphics guy. Merely fascinated.

Did some projects working with 3D Data and 3D Visualisation. Most notably the Gis3DGen for creating 3D Worlds out of 2D GIS Data and 3D DEM Data. And the GIS Server / Gimolus 3D System for doing the same thing on-the-fly.


Software Engineering and Telecommunications. My two main topics at the Univeristy.of.Karlsruhe.


I remember the early days when people talked about the meaning of the word and then it became the Word.of.the.Year! Funny people..


Why, oh why? Why did I always do something with GIS? I don't really like that stuff. But for more than 3 years I have been working with GIS Systems, GIS Concepts, GIS Databases.. A change is due!


I really like this concept. I never did ASP. So I'm not sure what's best. However, JSPs are cool. Using the Tag-Libs and everything. A good concept. A nicely crafted tool.


Oops. Funny topic. Again.


Well.. PHP, so what?


Another funny topic. Once more.


Being always somewhere inbetween I've come to like Middlewares a lot. I also starting thinking about adopting a young one. Getting it off the streets.. ??


Check the words on databases above. I worked with some of them. MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, Poet and the KDB.


For a very long time - maybe too long - I sticked with GNU make. But finally I am an Ant, too. I like this tool. Well, it has some shortcomings. But it's much easier to maintain these build files compared to what a mess those make files can be..


It's not really about JUnit. JUnit is too simple and too small. (Maybe that's the reason why people are using it!?) It's more about the fact that it's a very good feeling to really know your software is performing the way it is expected to.

Everyone who had this feeling once knows that using tests can make your life a lot easier. But as alwasys: This testing stuff is not the cure. And sometimes it just doesn't make sense to use tests.

Respect! to all the herein mentioned TMs. Aiii!