Here you can find some of my Symbian projects.

All written for Series 60 (Nokia 7650/3650). I don't know if this stuff runs on other Series 60 phones.. But it should be quite simple to adapt the sources..

Most examples come with sources and resources, project files and stuff. They should compile without problems with the Series 60 SDK. I'm providing this stuff for free. Don't blame me for anything, please. No warranty. 8-p

Please note: Some scripts require an installed decent (recent :) release of the CygWin utilities.

Please note: Most projects require the Visual Studio .NET VC++ compiler (for the WINS builds). When using an older compiler, some basic changes are necessary.

Please note: I ripped some graphics from my old Amiga games. I hope putting them online here doesn't get me into any trouble.. If this is a problem, mail me, and I will remove them immediately! :-\

Please note: Unfortunately most of the comments in the sources are in German. However, not the names of the classes and functions :] I'll try to do better in the future.. :-)