Code based on Zeep's Sound Engine. Check out symbian.jep.de for more details on his sound engine.


:: 2003-11-27 ::

:: 2003-11-24 ::

:: 2004-05-04 ::

:: 2004-02-22 ::


Simple Sound System DLL with Sound Provider interface. Can be used for playing samples or MODs. No player included, check out the S60.Mod.Player project.


A rewrite of Zeep's Sound Engine. Using a more symbianish code style and an extended interface for the Sound Providers. This simple sound system will give you a configurable audio stream with a simple plugin interface. You can plugin sample and MOD players by implementing the MSoundProvider interface.

Check out the Mod.Play.Dll and the S60.Mod.Player projects for an example of how to write a sound provider.


In contrast to Zeep's Sound Engine, there are still noticable time lags with this sound system. If you need a low-latency sound engine, check out Zeep's multi-threaded engine!