Please understand that Nokia has the copyright for the RetroBlaster example.

Code based on the RetroBlaster example application.


:: 2003-11-20 ::


Networked version of the RetroBlaster example application.

Copyright Note

I am not sure about the Nokia licensing. So I better don't provide my patched project source code here. Instead I am providing you with the diffs only.

However, I think the license allows me to send you the patched project on request. The license prohibits only distribution via a server. If you have trouble applying the diffs, let me know.

Please: If I'm not allowed to provide the diffs and the SIS file here, please let me know and I'll remove the files from my site immediately!


I retrofitted :) the game example with my Networking DLL as a proof-of-concept sort-of-thing. It took me only about six hours for reading through the example application and putting in the necessary changes.

Now it's possible to start a game server and then let game clients connect to it. Unfortunately shooting each other is not yet possible.. I'm a peace-loving guy.. hehe..


Please note: This is by far not complete. The server does not announce new players to the other clients and the engine exhaust is not networked.. and so on.. However, you can fly around together and at least the server should see all the ships.. (The clients will only see the server's ship and themselfs.

Please note: I only have two phones to test this. So I am not really sure if this works with more than one client. I should have my third phone soon and I'll check this ASAP..

Please note: The Networking DLL is still very buggy in the shutdown procedure and error handling. The application will crash if you close it or a client disconnects. I'll be working on it as soon as I find some more spare time..