Code based on Christian Nowak 's excellent MODPlay library.


:: 2003-11-27 ::

:: 2004-05-04 ::

:: 2004-02-22 ::


MOD player library for MODs, S3Ms and XMs.
Please note: The MODPlay sources I am providing here are copyright by Christian Nowak . Everything I am providing here is free for non-commercial use only!


This is a sound provider to be used with the SoundSystemDll . Plays ProTracker compatible MODs, S3Ms and XMs. Supports all effects.


My port is far from perfect. I guess I broke some things when porting the original library to Symbian :-\ There is a problem with crashing the phone when a MOD contains bad data. But I added a simple exception handler to the SoundSystemDll to avoid crashing the phone.


Instantiate the CModPlayDll class and add it to an instance of the CSoundSystem as a soundprovider.
Please see the sources of my SoundSystemDll for more details on this procedure.