ZIP with patched sources:
Diffs only:
Executable (Win32):


Based on the freely available sources of the MakeSIS utility from Symbian.


Patched MakeSIS utility. You can add folders (instead of single files only) to the.pkg file now. MakeSIS will process them recursively. (It will omit CVS folders. I hope that's OK with you.) Error messages are somewhat improved, too. Line-numbers are printed correctly now.

Download the MakeSIS.exe and replace with it the one found at \Symbian\6.1\Shared\Epoc32\Tools\MakeSIS.exe in your SDK installation (I assume you have the Nokia Series 60 SDK installed :) and off you go. If you are interested in the changes I made, get the MakeSIS.zip and run a diff against the original!


Please note: Symbian has provided MakeSIS on the Symbian Developer Network under an Example Source License. I have read this agreement (and hopefully understood correctly!?). Please read the agreement, too. I included the original license and readme files untouched inside the ZIP.

I think I understood the license correctly and so I assume it is OK to provider this "improved" version as a "developer tool" for developing software for Symbian OS based devices on my site for free. Alas! No warranty! No intellectual property rights transferred if you download. And so on.. Read the included license for all the details..

PLEASE: If I am not allowed to post this software here, please let me now and I will remove it from my site immediately! Thank you!