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In a world gone mad..
I recently started a new blog and I'm a lot more serious about it this time.. :) Check it out here: In a world gone mad..
I finally managed to finish a small offline CMS-like thing to update this web-site. I will, however, move these pages to a /archive/ link or something soon and start a new web-site. I probably won't come back to Symbian development.. So I should start with a new web-site, too..
LOOOONG time no update!?
Man, was I busy. I hope to get back into Symbian coding soon. Probably focusing on LUA and Python. Anyway, I'll try to replace this site soon with some Rails-based stuff. Stay tuned. Or better don't.. :)
Site restructured
Sorry for the mess and any dead links. If you find anything broken, I'd appreciate your ! :) I finally implemented my own CMS to handle the changes to this site.
VoxelTest added
Added a new example to the Symbian.Section. It's a primitive Voxel Engine. Pretty messed up inside.. as always.. sorry.. :)
RockDash added
Added a new game example to the Symbian.Section.
Mod.Play.Dll updated
Added an update to the Symbian.Section.
Game.Engine.Dll added
Added the Game.Engine.Dll to the . This framework is used in IntensiBlast.
Java.Section added
New section with Java stuff (mainly J2ME) added.
IntensiMod added
New project started over at the www.intensicode.net site: IntensiMod.
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